The Co-founders of Tuesday Evening Publications simply desire to create educational resources that bridge the various disciplines that comprise Funeral Service Education.  By working outside of the confines of compartmentalized traditional education we hope to equip the student with contextualized information that will increase success. 

Our Story

Damon de la Cruz, PhD

Damon began his career in funeral service in 1994.  He has worked as an embalmer and funeral practitioner in Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, and throughout the Republic of Ireland.  Damon ran a successful trade embalming company throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for several years.  After being awarded a Doctoral degree in Pathobiology from the University of Southern California he began teaching with the Mortuary Science Program at Cypress College in Cypress California.  Currently Damon is on the advisory board for the Death Care Academy of Ireland and is the Funeral Service Education Program Director at American River College in Sacramento California.  


Robert T. Holmes PhD

Robert Holmes is.....